How to Create Message Templates & Send Messages with Instasilo

Using message templates to engage with your Instagram contacts, saves a lot of time. Here’s how to create one

  1.  Navigate to the top right corner of your web browser and click on the Instasilo extension.  Go to your messages. It is marked by the envelope icon at the left sidebar.

  2. Click on the button:  “Add new template”. Proceed to fill in a name for the template you’re creating. Your template will be automatically saved.

 3.  Click on the template name. Now, you’ll be required to add a message. Click on “Add new message” 

4.  Type in a message. Type in the message. We advise to include the tags: [first_name] [last_name] to personalize your message for your individual contacts.

5.  To send a message, first make sure you’re in the chat room of the contact you wish to send the message. Click on send a message and the message will b delivered.

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