How to setup facebook meta business suit account

In this tutorial, we'll setup your Meta Business Suite, a platform where you can manage all of your marketing and advertising activities on Facebook and Instagram

It's crucial to set up the  Meta Business Suite since Instasilo now operates exclusively within the Meta Business environment and is no longer supported within the Instagram DOM.

Follow these steps t setup your facebook Meta Business Suite Account:

1. Goto

2. If you’ve already logged in your facebook account, you will see the “create account” button, click the create account button.

3. Provide your business name, account name, and email address. Then, click "submit."

4. Check your email inbox for a Facebook confirmation link and click it.

5. After confirming, you'll see a page that looks like the one below. Click the menu icon, then select "Meta Business Suite."

6. You'll be directed to the Meta Business Suite page.

7. Remember, you need to create a Facebook page before using the Meta Business Suite. Click "create a Facebook page."

8. Enter page details like name, category, and page bio, then click "create page.

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